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  1. For a one-time fee of $49, CD Baby will distribute your music to all the major digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.), stock physical copies of your album (CD or vinyl) in our warehouse and handle order fulfillment/shipping to your customers, make your album available to over brick and mortar record stores worldwide.
  2. Jun 09,  · 3. Sell merchandise at as an affordable price as possible. Until you’re a star, you should be more concerned about visibility and branding than revenue. If you want to spread the word, price it cheaper. 4. There are other things to sell besides CDs and T-shirts. Hats, a song book, a tour picture book, beach towels – get creative, but choose.
  3. Nov 07,  · This is actually a tricky question and is totally subjective based on what you want to achieve with your album, what economic model you are following (if any) and what the drummer thinks. An album is made up of individual tracks and not all track.
  4. Sep 26,  · Issuing an album late produces some sales, but nothing like what would happen with day-and-date releases with digital, retailers and wholesalers say. For example, after not having a CD .
  5. Oct 07,  · Shopping; Why Choose. Fat Cat but the trio’s second album, Why Choose, is blissfully direct and free of added intellectual ballast. When so much modern discourse is /
  6. Jan 10,  · Bakula notes that CD sales always spike in the fourth quarter because you just can't wrap a download. As Peoples also notes, up-and-coming bands still like to .
  7. Product Description. ONCE is a modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin. Featuring Glen Hansard, lead singer of the Irish band "The Frames," the film tells the story of a street musician and a Czech immigrant during an eventful week as they write, rehearse and record songs that reveal their unique love story/5().
  8. That is not to say that the rest is bad, just that it is, say, "pretty good" and not up to the super-high standard set by the first three tracks. So, how can I give a track CD 5-stars based on only three of the tracks being very good (or better)? Because those three tracks are that freakin' good, that's why!/5().

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