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  1. Øystein Ariansen Haaland currently works at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen. Øystein does research in Statistics and Epidemiology, focusing on.
  2. Aae, Tommy Frøseth; Randsborg, Per-Henrik; Lurås, Hilde; Årøen, Asbjørn; Lian, Øystein Bjerkestrand. () Microfracture is more cost-effective than autologous chondrocyte implantation: a review of level 1 and level 2 studies with 5 year follow-up.
  3. Øystein Olsen: Managing natural resources - lessons from Norway Speech by Mr Øystein Olsen, Governor of Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway), at the seminar "Preparing Mozambique for natural gas", Bank of Mozambique, Maputo, 27 March.
  4. Collaboration album from Ulises Labaronnie & Øystein Jørgensen. Cover Image & inspiration: Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn / NASA - ESA SATURN Love to astronomy is a common place in many musicians, Like the Pythagorean idea "There is possible astronomy without music but .
  5. From the very beginning the Christian Church employed two reading strategies when approaching Holy Scripture: a literal and a spiritual. The literal sense of Holy Scripture formed the basis for the three spiritual senses: allegorical, tropological.
  6. Hexagon på hård skumplade. Den hårde men lette skumplade er god kvalitet til lav pris. Materialet giver et moderne udtryk, er meget stabilt og har en lang levetid. Nem montering: Heksagonet er nemt at hænge op: Med det Y-formede monteringsstykke får du altid den samme afstand mellem dine hexagoner, når du skal have flere hængende sammen.
  7. Øystein is a partner at Kluge and one of Norway's leading lawyers in the fields of rental/leasing, buying/selling, joint ventures and development contracts for commercial property. He assists several of Norway's largest private and public enterprises, lessors/tenants, property developers and commercial property brokers.

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