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  1. Longshore Drift Julia Armfield ‘She has never been very keen on the thought of herself as other people see her.’ T here are basking sharks in the upper layers of the water – prehistoric things, nightmare-mouthed and harmless. Plankton-eaters, the way all seeming monsters are. They fill the coastal waters in the summertime, rising up to.
  2. Oct 03,  · Longshore drift is a geological process responsible for transporting sediments such as shingle, silt, clay, and sand along a coast that is aligned to the shoreline, relying on prevailing oblique winds. The prevailing oblique winds send water down the coast generating a water current which in turn advances parallel to the coast. Therefore.
  3. This video shows the movement of material along a beach by longshore drift. The waves move up the beach at an angle (swash) and retreat at a 90 degree angle to the.
  4. Are similarities or differences in these pictures? If so, what? Key Words Prevailing Wind- Wave - Swash- Backwash- Gravity - Deposited- Summary Diagram Long shore drift (LSD) Learning Outcomes Learning Objective 1- Draw and annotate diagrams of LSD and coastal features. 2- Be.
  5. Longshore Drift. Longshore drift is the name given to the process by which beach material is transported along the coast by the action of waves. Waves rarely hit the beach at exactly right angles to the coast, and are far more likely to hit the beach at an angle. This is because in many areas the prevailing wind controls the direction of the.
  6. Longshore drift can form spits were the line of the coast changes sharply, for example at a river estuary. There are several examples of spits along the Welsh coastline. This clip is from.
  7. Longshore drift is a geographical process that consists of the transportation of sediments (clay, silt, sand and shingle) along a coast at an angle to the shoreline, which is dependent on prevailing wind direction, swash and backwash. This process occurs in the littoral zone, and in or close to the surf moginnyohnyodal.xyzinfo process is also known as littoral drift, longshore current or longshore transport.
  8. Video about longshore drift with a few labels added to help explain. Used for teaching Geography to Yr8. Footage from BBC.

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