8 thoughts on “ Emaline - Al Jockers Dance Orchestra - Emaline / In My Tippy Canoe (Shellac) ”

  1. Trpt. 18 K,Fag. vcl. K: B decresc. 12 13 Ob. 1 Ob. 1 Viol. 1 20 Klar. 1 Hr. 1 Trpt. 1 Viol. r
  2. In the first Nooks and Crannies of the summer, Bill Leslie takes us to a place in Raleigh where you can dance to the beat of a different drum.
  3. Following the success of our Training Tracks for guitarists, we have released four albums of tracks for worship drummers. These enable you to: 1. Learn the drum parts 2. Practise with the band 3. Play along to a drumless track.
  4. Double buzzing (extreme video example below) had become a regular part of my day and I was sick of wearing my chops out without actually improving my playing technique. In that spirit I decided to take a few weeks off from embouchure isometrics with the intention of diving into a more comprehensive look at the pencil exercise once I was feeling.
  5. Just a side note: I actually prefer my iPhone’s $4 Tempo Advance metronome app’s click sound to one on our far more expensive Boss DB 7. Make Individual Practice A Priority. If the team practices with a click on their own, the learning curve will go so much faster.
  6. The time has come. You built up the courage to get out there and audition for the drum corps of your dreams. You’ve gone to moginnyohnyodal.xyzinfo and have watched video after video, and finally decided: “OK, I am going for it!”. Believe it or not, you are already halfway there!
  7. Drums. Concert Snare 5 Concert Toms - 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” Concert Bass Drum Kick Bass Drum.
  8. Questlove went deep with J-Zone. The premiere episode of J-Zone's new Red Bull Radio show Give the Drummer Some made its debut on Tuesday (February 5th). For the first episode, J-Zone sat down.

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